Assets of The UCLA Foundation are managed by the UCLA Investment Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Foundation. For more information, please visit

Performance Highlights - For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022 (FY21-22):

  • Net position comprising total assets in excess of total liabilities and deferred inflow of resources decreased by $72 million (2% decrease): $4.5B
  • Total assets (1% increase): $5.0B
  • Total liabilities (10% increase): ($0.5B)
  • Revenue in the form of donor contributions (78% increase)*: $512M
  • Gift fund distributions and operating expenses (no change): ($366M)
  • Non-operating revenues compared to FY21 non-operating revenues of $921 million (140% decrease): ($373M)
  • Private gifts of permanent endowments (33% increase): $155M
  • Endowed Investment pool return: (10.2%)
  • Total FY22 endowment payout available to the campus and affiliated entities decreased by $8 million (5% increase): $144.1M

The UCLA Foundation’s support of the university remains strong thanks to donor contributions of $667 million. The Foundation’s net position decreased $0.1 billion to $4.5 billion. Total assets decreased by 1% ($0.1 billion) to $5.0 billion while total liabilities increased by 10% ($42 million) to $0.5 billion.

*Excludes contributions managed by the Regents, additions to permanently endowed funds, and endowed or conditional pledges.