Maurice Salter
Message from the Chair
For almost a century, UCLA has been an engine of opportunity. UCLA empowers the best and the brightest throughout its campus, throughout California, throughout the country and throughout the world. Virtually every segment of society is touched by UCLA. As an alumnus, donor and volunteer, as well as an employer of UCLA graduates, I know firsthand how much this great institution enriches those fortunate to be a part of it.

UCLA is a community of brilliant minds and creative thinkers. In order to realize their visions, they need the resources to pursue their ideas. You and I can supply the financial support the university requires in order to fulfill its mission with boldness and distinction. Our gifts can inspire others and provide the foundation for unimagined growth and development.

The following pages show how a number of generous donors are enabling students, faculty and hospital patients, as well as the larger community, to realize the promise of UCLA.

Maurice M. Salter '69, Ed.D. '77
Chair, The UCLA Foundation