Financials: Performance Highlights
For the year ended June 30, 2010 (FY10):
$1.3 billion
Net assets (total assets exceeding total liabilities) - represents an increase of $157.7 million
$1.6 billion
Total assets (a 15% increase)
$232.6 million
Total liabilities (a 24% increase)
$144.1 million
Revenue in donor contributions (a 48% increase)
$137.3 million
Expenditures in grants and transfers to the campus (a 9% decrease largely due to reduced construction spending)
$6.8 million
Operating income (increased contribution revenue plus decreased campus support) compared to FY09’s operating loss of $54 million
$97.5 million
Nonoperating income (due to positive investment returns)
$53.3 million
Other income from private gifts of permanent endowments
$55.1 million
Total FY10 endowment payout available to the campus and affiliated entities (a $6.9 million increase)

Annual payout to the campus continues to grow, consistent with The Foundation’s goal to provide predictable, sustainable payout that preserves equity among generations.