2008 - 2009 Annual Report
Second-year UCLA Law student Christine Green, a Jamaica native, owes her education to student scholarships.

Creating Access to Opportunity

The Kim and William Wardlaw Endowed Scholarship in Law
The daughter of a Scots-Irish father and a Mexican American mother, Kim McLane Wardlaw '76, JD '79, came from a family of modest income unable to fund a college education. She applied to UCLA where she was offered a generous financial aid package, and she gratefully accepted.

Today, she is a judge for the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, appointed by President Clinton in 1998 following three years of service as a district court judge. Having achieved her goals, Judge Wardlaw and her husband, investment executive William Wardlaw, JD '72, are providing similar opportunities to other students through the Kim and William Wardlaw Endowed Scholarship in Law.

"I learned the law from renowned scholars at UCLA, and still rely upon that knowledge today," Judge Wardlaw says."There are so many aspiring students who have much to contribute to our country who are in need of financial support, and we feel fortunate to help them fulfill their dreams."

Second-year UCLA Law student Christine Green is one top-tier scholar who has been inspired by donors like the Wardlaws. A native of Jamaica, West Indies, Green owes her educational opportunities to the availability of scholarships. "My parents weren't able to provide financial support and, as an international student, access to loans was very limited," says Green, whose UCLA scholarships are paving the way for a career in immigration law.

"I've come so far," she says, "and the journey I've taken would have been impossible without the generosity of benefactors like the Wardlaws."