2008 - 2009 Annual Report

Financials: Performance Highlights

Fiscal year 2009 ("FY09") was a challenging year for The UCLA Foundation ("The Foundation"). The U.S. recession, along with the severe worldwide investment market downturn, was reflected in The Foundation's negative endowed investment pool return of (21%) for the year. The Foundation's net assets, which represent the excess of total assets over total liabilities, decreased by $236 million to $1.2 billion as of June 30, 2009, primarily as a result of negative investment returns.

The Foundation's revenue in the form of donor contributions totaled $97.5 million for FY09, a 47% decrease as compared to fiscal year 2008 ("FY08"). The Foundation's expenditures in the form of grants and transfers to the campus were increased 8% to $151.5 million over FY08. The decreased contribution revenue combined with increased campus support resulted in an operating loss of $54.0 million for FY09 as compared to operating income of $43.9 million in FY08. Due to negative investment returns in FY09, The Foundation had a non-operating loss of $227.3 million. Other income in the form of private gifts of permanent endowment totaled $45.3 million.

Total FY09 endowment payout available to the campus and affiliated entities amounted to $48.2 million, up $4.9 million from FY08. Annual payout to the campus continues to grow, consistent with The Foundation's goal to provide payout that is predictable, sustainable, and preserves equity among generations.