Many educators believe the arts are as crucial to children as reading, writing and arithmetic. Through ArtsBridge programs, UCLA is helping to restore this important subject to local K-12 classrooms. UCLA students lead workshops in painting, music, dance, drama and other disciplines that help children discover the power of their imagination and develop language and thinking skills. At the same time, the UCLA students gain hands-on experience in teaching and community service, and K-12 teachers find new ways to make lessons in academic areas such as literature and history come alive.

Donors make a difference not only individually, but also collectively. Many gifts of varying amounts to The UCLA Fund resulted in critical support for the Center for Community Partnerships. This led to a grant that has enabled the ArtsBridge program, jointly sponsored by the School of the Arts and Architecture and the School of Theater, Film and Television, to survive at a time when funds for such critical activities have grown scarce.

“Through art, imagination and creativity grow
 and grow.”

—Professor Peter Tokofsky, director of ArtsBridge,
School of the Arts and Architecture

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