The way children at Corinne A. Seeds University Elementary School (UES) are taught influences the quality of teaching in public schools throughout the nation. At the laboratory school of UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, researchers and expert teachers develop state-of-the-art curricula for a diverse group of students from the Los Angeles area. Then they share these widely respected model programs with other educators. Each year, hundreds of teachers visit the campus at UCLA to observe classrooms and attend workshops. As a result, thousands of children gain access to the benefits of innovation in education.

UES is a resource for public schools throughout California and the nation, largely because the majority of parents of current students give to the school's Annual Fund. Their support helps make it possible for teachers to reach out to other educators and promote teaching excellence.

“As research by UCLA's distinguished professors and UES faculty members continually improves teaching practices, learning flourishes and we increase children's potential.”

—UES Principal Donna Elder

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