UCLA Foundation
Performance Highlights

For the year ended June 30, 2011 (FY11):
$1.8 billion Net assets comprised of total assets exceeding total liabilities increased $447.5 million
(a 34% increase)
$2.0 billion Total assets (a 30% increase)
$252.7 million Total liabilities (a 9% increase)
$351.6 million* Revenue in the form of donor contributions (a 144% increase)
$146.5 million Expenditures in grants and transfers to the campus (a 8% increase)
$199.3 million Operating income increased $192.5 million over the previous year, primarily due to an increase in donor contributions
$171.1 million Nonoperating income (a 76% increase, due to positive investment returns)
$77.0 million Other income from private gifts of permanent endowments
17.0% Endowed pool return (a 40% increase)
$63.9 million Endowed investment pool payout available to the campus and affiliated entities (a 16% increase)

Administrative Fees and Endowment Investments

*Excludes contributions managed by The Regents, additions to permanently endowed funds, and endowed or testamentary pledges.