Ever since Howard and Norma Lee created the Sammy Yukuan Lee scholarship in 1991 in the UCLA International Institute's Center for Chinese Studies, they have made a point of getting to know each of the scholarship recipients.

The Lees believe strongly in the potential of these promising young men and women. “We help students go beyond what they ever imagined they could achieve,” Howard says. “They will determine what the future is going to be.” The scholarship, named in honor of his father, provides both financial assistance and encouragement to outstanding undergraduates in Chinese studies who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Longtime supporters of the University, the Lees also established the Sammy Yukuan Lee Lecture Series on Chinese Art and Archaeology at UCLA in 1982. “Investing in the success of young people is crucial,” Howard says, “because they will determine what the future is going to be.”


Photo: Reed Hutchinson

  “This generous scholarship frees talented students from financial worries and helps them develop the self-confidence and knowledge that can make them outstanding scholars.”

—Dr. Ronald Rogowski
Interim Dean and Vice Provost of the UCLA International Institute
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