Cecil B. DeMille. Stanley Kramer. Robert Altman. Imagine losing the images these great filmmakers captured, the stories they told. The UCLA Film & Television Archive makes sure the unimaginable doesn't happen by collecting, restoring and preserving our moving image heritage.

Myra Teitelbaum Reinhard '58, who studied library science at UCLA and whose family worked in early Hollywood, supports these efforts, as well as public film screenings and training for future archivists.

“The UCLA Film & Television Archive plays a vital role in preserving the visual history of the 20th century,” Reinhard says. “It's an important record of who we were and who we are.”


“Our archive is an invaluable collection of film and television history that is a great research asset for scholars, as well as a cultural resource for the public shared through as many as 400 screenings a year. We are so grateful for Myra Teitelbaum Reinhard's support.”

—Tim Kittleson
Director of the UCLA Film & Television Archive

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