UCLA Endowment Minimums

Below is a list of campus wide endowment opportunities and the amounts needed to fund them. These dollar figures reflect the minimum amount necessary for adequate funding; any of these endowments would be enhanced by a gift in excess of the minimum.

Faculty Support

Dean’s Chair: $5 million

The Dean’s Chair recognizes the administrative appointment of a School or division in the College and provides unrestricted support for this position. The appointment remains with the position as opposed to with the individual faculty member.

Endowed Chair (with salary support): $5 million

The Endowed Chair (with salary support) will support a new faculty full time employee (FTE) on a permanent basis. This Chair is a special incentive to recruit and/or retain gifted faculty members whose teaching and research exemplify UCLA’s mission. Endowment income provides salary support and resources for research and teaching.

Executive Chair in Medicine: $3 million

The Executive Chair is awarded to department chairs in the David Geffen School of Medicine. Its purpose is to affirm the leadership role of senior-level University administrators who demonstrate superior academic or administrative distinction. This appointment remains with the position.

Endowed Chair (without salary support): $2 million

The Endowed Chair (without salary support) is a special incentive to attract a scholar of distinction to UCLA or to retain gifted faculty members whose teaching and research exemplify UCLA's mission. Endowment income provides support for research and teaching.

Professional Development Term Chair: $1 million

The Term Chair gives UCLA's professional schools and College the flexibility to recruit, retain and support the career development of exceptional younger faculty. A Term Chair can also be awarded to department chairs and visiting professors for a renewable five-year period.

Teaching Awards: $250,000

An endowment for teaching awards provides for the meaningful recognition of outstanding professors, lecturers and teaching assistants year after year. Awards can be used at the honoree's discretion to further teaching or research activities. Individual academic areas determine the selection criteria and awards process.

Student Support

Postdoctoral Fellowships: $1 million

Postdoctoral fellowship endowments help to fund post-graduate scholars research and living expenses, enabling UCLA to attract promising academics and indirectly bear on the University's ability to recruit and retain top faculty and graduate students.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate fellowship endowments help to fund graduate students' tuition and fees, enable UCLA to attract promising scholars, and indirectly bear on the University's ability to recruit and retain top faculty.

  • College of Letters and Science/Management/Engineering/Law/Medicine: $350,000
  • Other Professional Schools: $250,000
  • Professional Schools, partially funded: $100,000

Undergraduate Scholarships: $100,000

Endowment income for undergraduate student support ensures a superior education for talented, deserving students. Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of financial need, academic merit or both.

Other Endowments

Endowment Research Units

An Institute or Center is an organization of scholarly activities created around a specified purpose. These bodies generate research findings and stimulate thought and discussion on their topics of interest and create a nexus for informed perspective on the discipline(s). Research units vary greatly in their individual circumstances, prioritization within the academic mission of UCLA, and appeal to prospective donors. The designation of Institute, Center, or Program relates to breadth and scope of function and level of funding, and the circumstances of each naming must be considered carefully to arrive at the appropriate gift level.

  • Institute:
    • Health Sciences: $100 million
    • Other Units, Interdisciplinary: $10 million
  • Center
    • Anderson: $10 million
    • Other Units, Interdisciplinary: $5 million
  • Program: $2 million

Lectureships (with salary support): $1 million

Endowed funds for lecturers allow for the teaching of various subjects, including language instruction. These endowments can provide needed resources for salary support as well as some programmatic funds.

Lectureships: $250,000

Endowed funds for lectures and colloquia facilitate the sharing and dissemination of research and information among members of the academic community. Such funding can provide needed resources for travel, honoraria and guest lectureships locally, nationally and globally.

Library Endowment: $50,000

The Library Collection Endowment Fund allows the UCLA Library to continue as a premier information resource for University and community users. The fund provides a lasting source of income that advances the existing collections, offsets escalating costs of essential books, periodicals and other materials, and ensures the timely and ongoing acquisition of electronic materials and information technologies.