I did this to help Bunche Center students to achieve their goals in life.

When Jeannette Moore decided to establish a scholarship fund for students in UCLA's Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, she was thinking of her late daughter Roxanne, whom she honored with this gift. She wanted to help students and to support the work of the Bunche Center, a prominent research "think tank" for African American culture and history where she volunteers. It was named for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, a UCLA alumnus who is celebrated worldwide for his contributions to humanity.

The Center is nationally renowned for the research it conducts and publishes on all aspects of the African American experience but, as a retired educator, Jeannette's principal interest was in its students. She was impressed with curricular aspects of the Center's work, such as the joint master's degree and J.D. program in African American Studies and Law that it sponsors. That's part of the reason she was inspired to create the Roxanne Chisholm and Jeannette Chisholm Moore Endowed Scholarship Fund. "I did this to help Bunche Center students to achieve their goals in life," she says. "They are so deserving of scholarships for their achievements."

Jeannette's gift will accomplish all these things, and much more. According to Professor Darnell Hunt, director of the Bunche Center, it will help address the critical need to boost African American enrollment at UCLA. "These students can go anywhere in the country, and many universities can offer them large scholarship incentives that are very attractive," he explains. "Ms. Moore's gift gives us the ability to match what other universities are offering.

"This commitment is really foundational in that it sets the standard," he adds. "If we can get others to follow Ms. Moore's lead, we can truly transform diversity at UCLA."

Darnell Hunt, Director of the Bunche Center for African American Studies
UCLA Student reading in the library
Ms. Moore's involvement and support are an affirmation that what we are doing is important and meaningful.