“The arts are the most civilizing force in our society,” says Elaine Krown Klein. “What else brings together people of all colors, all ages, all backgrounds? In art, there is commonality.”

For 20 years, Elaine has created artistic bonds for the UCLA family worldwide through the Elaine Krown Klein Fine Arts Scholarship Fund. More than 150 students in visual arts, music and dance from the School of the Arts and Architecture at UCLA have received scholarships since Elaine and her husband, Leo Klein, created the endowment.

Satisfaction comes in her recipients’ success. Elaine attends many of their exhibits and recitals and follows their careers for many years after the scholarships are granted. “I call them my wonderful dividends,” she says. An accomplished sculptor and painter, Elaine had no financial support for her own art in her youth. She always aspired to be an artist and knew she wanted to provide inspiration and opportunity for others to able to follow their bliss. “It’s important to encourage artists when they’re young,” she explains. “Encouragement lasts.”