Barbara Herman is a petite woman with a powerful intellect. A professor with the UCLA department of philosophy since 1993, she enjoys grappling with big questions. Among them:

What is the nature of moral judgment? Can universal principles be applied to ethical behavior? Where do moral philosophy and political philosophy intersect?

Herman's concentration, ethics and social philosophy, involves the systematic study of the way we should treat others.

Herman, who holds the Gloria and Paul Griffin Chair of Philosophy, says her desire to "find ways of talking about broader issues" is encouraged by the philosophy departmentís culture of collaboration, experimentation, and collegiality.

The reputation of the department, Herman insists, depends not only the quality of its faculty, but on the quality of its graduate students. Increasing resources for fellowships, therefore, is vital.

"The benefits of more support for our graduate students, who are currently carrying the College's heaviest teaching loads, would include more time to dedicate to their own studies, a better classroom experience for the undergraduates they teach, and improved opportunities for research."

"I think I've learned as much philosophy
 in the years that I've been at UCLA from
 my colleagues and from some of my
 students as I had in the 20 years before."

—Barbara Herman

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