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Information for Corporations & Foundations

Working in concert with institutional funders of every size and stripe, The UCLA Foundation provides faculty and students with the means to investigate, discover and share their findings with the larger community. Committed to strengthening the fabric of society and building a better world, our foundation and corporate partners recognize that collaboration with UCLA furthers their mission as well as our own.

We stand ready to answer your questions and stir your imagination about what we might be able to do together.

To make your job easier, we have provided helpful links, contacts and resources below.

UCLA Tax Documentation
University’s Tax Status
UCLA Taxpayer Identification Numbers
UCLA Foundation California Tax Determination Letter (pdf)
UCLA Foundation Federal Tax Exemption Status Letter (pdf)
UC Regents Federal Tax Exemption Status Letter (pdf)
University of California Certificate of Incorporation (pdf)
UCLA Foundation W-9 form (pdf)

Annual Reports
Current UCLA Foundation Annual Report
Archived UCLA Foundation Annual Reports
UCLA Annual Report
University of California Annual Report

UCLA Foundation Quick Links
Audited Financial Statements (pdf)
Investment Policy Statement (pdf)
Articles of Incorporation (pdf)
By-Laws (pdf)
Board of Directors Roster
Governors Roster
Foundation Contacts

Organizational Charts
UCLA Foundation Board and Committees (pdf)
External Affairs

Campus Quick Links
UCLA Directory
Campus Map

Fast Facts
UCLA At a Glance
UCLA: An Engine for the Economy
UCLA History Project
UC Regents Roster

Philanthropy Links
Giving to UCLA
Give Now

Bruin Scholars Initiative
Philanthropy News

UCLA Office of Corporate, Foundation and Research Relations
Corporations and foundations seeking to engage with UCLA through philanthropy, intellectual property opportunities, technology transfer, recruiting, research alliances and continuing education can do so through the office of Corporate, Foundation and Research Relations (CFRR).

UCLA Wilshire Center
10920 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1400
Los Angeles, California 90024

(310) 794-2315
(310) 794 6923 Fax